How do I join Gaurav?


Join the ‘Bulkhead Of Supporters’

Many people ask Gaurav, how they can help. You surely cannot sail with him as the GGR is a solo race. But you can send your memory round the world with a small gift to Gaurav’s campaign.

The main bulkhead in the boat Good Hope will be committed to add names and pictures of supporters who have helped out Gaurav in their individual capacity.

This can be just your name, name of a loved one, picture of you or your loved ones or a picture of your entire family. Bigger the gift, bigger the picture

We do this for personal reasons, but when the going gets tough – and it will plenty of times – you need to hang in there for the sake of others – those people whose names are your bulkhead.
— Riaan Smit


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Gift Equipment

Gaurav will need a variety of equipment that will keep him safe during his race round the world. Some of these pieces of equipment range from $5 to $5000. You can purchase whichever you feel is within your means to contribute to the campaign.


Give Your Time

If you are not in a position to gift equipment or cash, there is no need to worry. You can give something very important- your time. Come help Gaurav out with corporate days or the boat refit or help out in maintaining his social media or editing his videos.


Donate Through Wind Athletes Canada

Wind Athletes Canada promotes sailing and supports training programs and competitions that develop and support promising sailors from the grassroots level of the sport through to national and international levels.

All Canadian Donations will be eligible for tax receipts


All gifts and time given to Gaurav and Good Hope get a spot on the ‘Bulkhead of Supporters’

All accounts of contributions by supporters will be made public online along with bills of the purchases made by the amount raised.


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