• Rebounding from adversity: Susan Hood Trophy Race 2023

    The Susan Hood Trophy Race 2023 on Lake Ontario was a thrilling adventure that tested my sailing skills, adaptability, and determination. Alongside my partner, Dheeraj Joshi, we embarked on this challenging race in the Doublehanded category, with little practice and minimal knowledge about the boat we were sailing—a 1979 MG38 sailboat recently acquired by Dheeraj.…

  • Navigating the Transition: How Solo Sailing Prepared Me for the Professional World

    As I transition back into the professional world after taking a year-long break for solo sailing, I am excited to bring my unique experiences and perspectives to the next company I work for. Although solo sailing may seem like a far cry from the world of business, I have found that the skills and lessons…

  • Lewis and Naomi and my own mental health

    Thanks to Lewis and Naomi Osaka for helping me through the tough phase of my campaign.

  • Installing a marine diesel engine

    Installing a marine diesel engine

    Gaurav begins the journey of refitting Good Hope for the Golden Globe Race started with a repower using an unusual choice of engine

  • The race that made me- Lakshadweep Chronicles- Jan 2008

    In 2008, I took part in my first offshore race from Kochi to Lakshadweep in what would become a tale of survival and triumph.

  • FOMO in the GGR is real! On the other side is my plan!

    There has been a lot of conversation in the circles of real estate investors in London, Ontario on FOMO. Here is my take on FOMO in the GGR. Fear of missing out (FOMO) is described as a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent. This social anxiety is…

  • Lockdown Musings: Covid-19, Sailing Season and Upgrades for Good Hope!

    I hope you are all doing well and staying safe inside. As we live through these extraordinary times I wanted to share some thoughts and some updates on life and race prep in general.

  • GGR, OGR and now what? I am glad I met this mad man!

    Now there is something new coming and I am extremely excited about it. I don’t have much more to say but that it will enable even more people to experience offshore racing than in the GGR and OGR. It’s big! It’s huge and it’s exciting! So onto what next for me, these races that Don…

  • The Moisture Meter isn’t beeping!

    You are going to read this line very often in my blogs from now on- I am sorry I haven’t written in a long time. The fact is with the new job which means I am in Saint Paul, Minneapolis for two weeks a month. This might seem OK but with all the things going…

  • A Different Approach- Life, GGR, Good Hope, Finances & the OGR

    Many competitors have different approaches in the lead up to the GGR. Some competitors are busy refitting, some are busy sailing and some plan to leave the refit to the last winter before the race. I have a different approach and I am going to lay it down below. For some of my followers who…