The biggest decision before participating in the Golden Globe Race 2022 is going to be which boat design will be the best to not only survive but compete. The next decision after that is going to be build vs buy.BuildBuilding a boat is something I really want to do. Ever since learning how to laminate boats with fiberglass at TS Jawahar/Sea Cadet Corps, I have wanted to build my own boat. My very first introduction with a boat builder was of Viking Boats in Kamshet where they were building one of the Polynesian designs by James Wharram. I had impressed them so much after meeting them at the Mumbai Boat Show, that their neighbor Stefan Schumacher had offered to take me paragliding after that. Unfortunately, I never took up the offer. Interestingly the boat is now owned my very own Sea Cadet Corps. Then my next encounter with boat builders was with Dudley Dix of Dix Design when I had started Pelican Yachts with Sagar Kudale. Our partnership had a fallout but things didn’t go that well for Sagar either- he built a DiDi 26 and ended up sinking it while sailing out of some harbor on the Mumbai coast.My first choice for the building was the Atkins Eric 32. I reached out to Dudley to check if he could help me design the boat, but he was too busy. I did not want to go out researching for a new designer and to get to know that person. So I dropped the idea entirely.There is one Eric design in the 2018 race after Mike of the Pingo Project dropped out of the race. Thuriya is Abhilash Tomy’s boat for the 2018 race.I was fortunate enough to get to go inside Thuriya and spend time with Abhilash:Stories over, let’s get back to building the boat: I don’t think building a boat is a good option. It’s going to cost me a lot of money and I do not have my own land in Canada. Building with a boat builder will mean that I will have to pay them for keeping the boat unless they are invested by sponsoring me. This will also become a full-time project, which I cannot afford now till I pay off my student loan.Building the boat will also mean building something of value. The only two options are:

  1. Atkins Eric– Suhaili and Thuriya are Eric’s, they are like a tank while sailing through the southern ocean, but they are also slower than other boats allowed in the competition. Sir Robin Knox Johnston was almost caught by Bernard Moitessier.

  2. JOSHUA ONE DESIGN: This is a one-design boat made by a boatyard in Turkey. So since they are going to build it, they can dictate price and the cheapest available right now is well over EUR 400,000.00 I would have loved to sail the Joshua, but the price is prohibitive.

BUYBuying seems like the most logical choice. Buy a boat for cheap- maybe lower than C$40,000 and then spend another C$40,000 for the refit and make it to the start line in 2022. I might even be able to get local London, ON sponsors for this.These are the approved designs you can buy:2018 Golden Globe Race approved designs: Westsail 32 • Tradewind 35 • Saga 34 • Saltram 36 • Vancouver 32 & 34 • OE 32 • Eric (sister ship to Suhaili) • Aries 32 • Baba 35 • Biscay 36 • Bowman 36 • Cape Dory 36 • Nicholson 32 MKX-XI • Rustler 36, Endurance 35, Gaia 36, Hans Christian 33T, Tashiba 36, Cabo Rico 34, Hinckley Pilot 35, Lello 34, Gale Force 34.0This gives me a wide range to choose from. Secondly, the good part is that many of these boats are available around the great lakes in North America. These boats will have mostly never been in saltwater and must have been in dry storage for most of their lives. A refit will definitely make them better suited for sailing a race like Golden Globe Race compared to other boats which have thousands of miles on them and have been through much rougher and saltier seas compared to these boats.There is one real sweet Cabo Rico 34 available very close from where I am, but right now neither do I have a sponsor or a place to keep this beauty. If I were on the market, I probably would have been able to negotiate the price down as well by giving back all the electronics that come with the boat. I am guessing I could have gotten this boat for under C$40,000.For now, I am going to hold on to my decision. Get back to talking to Scott Hill of PlayON Canada as he is my best bet of getting sponsorship. Right now he is busy working on his turnaround for PlayOn so I am going to wait for a few months and concentrate at work till the time comes to start working on the campaign properly.

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