Rebounding from adversity: Susan Hood Trophy Race 2023

The Susan Hood Trophy Race 2023 on Lake Ontario was a thrilling adventure that tested my sailing skills, adaptability, and determination. Alongside my partner, Dheeraj Joshi, we embarked on this challenging race in the Doublehanded category, with little practice and minimal knowledge about the boat we were sailing—a 1979 MG38 sailboat recently acquired by Dheeraj. […]

Installing a marine diesel engine

Gaurav begins the journey of refitting Good Hope for the Golden Globe Race started with a repower using an unusual choice of engine

The Moisture Meter isn’t beeping!

You are going to read this line very often in my blogs from now on- I am sorry I haven’t written in a long time. The fact is with the new job which means I am in Saint Paul, Minneapolis for two weeks a month. This might seem OK but with all the things going on, adds a lot of complexity.

GGR Boat Decision- Not Convinced!

The decision on the GGR boat has been stressing me out for more than a year now and my deadline for the purchase for myself is August 2019(Borrowing off JLVDH’s timeline for 2022).  But… I am not convinced by any of the options I have at my hand.  1. Westsail boats are called Wetsnails for […]