There has been a lot of conversation in the circles of real estate investors in London, Ontario on FOMO. Here is my take on FOMO in the GGR.

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is described as a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent. This social anxiety is characterized by a desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing.

FOMO is good and bad. FOMO led to Sir Robin KJ entering the GGR and everyone knows how that turned out, but FOMO also made Donald Crowhurst join in and we know how that turned out. But, these two examples are very simplified examples and there is more behind it.

FOMO can be really amplified by social media and it can seriously turn into a mental health issue accompanied by depression and loneliness. If you must sail the GGR, you wouldn’t want these in your life. They can cause serious lapses in the preparation and worse can really affect your performance on the water.

FOMO comes in when you see others getting sponsors, new equipment, more time on the water and more media coverage. This generally plagues my generation a lot more than it did to the earlier generations who continue to live without using social media.

Looking at social media for a validation of your campaign is the worst trap you can fall into. Just because you have fewer updates or fewer noteworthy posts can lead to the point where you either overshare or sometimes put off your audience and at the same time you are also damaging your own confidence.

How do I counter FOMO?

Put things in perspective

I remind myself that there are 835 days and 19 hours to go as I type this blog post. There is a lot that can happen.

I am personally a procrastinator, but I keep my best for the last and I have always been able to perform well when the pressure really gets on me and that happens more often when you have a time crunch.

Watch this video to understand how procrastinators like me really excel and often peak at the right time.

Ignore the Social Media Illusion

Facebook, Instagram etc. do not provide a very well-rounded picture of the real circumstances surrounding those posts.

If bragging were banned, many people would have nothing to post about. You must understand that it is all a game for eyeballs and eyeballs don’t sail boats in the Southern Ocean.


Focus on Yourself

I know my boat very well now; I know my sailing abilities very well now and I know very well that my preparation is going to be different than that of others.

I don’t need others to give me attention to validate what I am doing. I have a plan and I am following it

For love and affection, I have a great family I fall back to and I am grateful for having them in my life.

Exercise gratitude

I am so thankful for everyone who has come out to help with the campaign.

I know that the blessings and the support of these people in my life will get me to the start line and the finish line. You cannot have the good work of so many people go to waste just because you want to be the first at everything. All that matters are being first at the finish line. More than winning the GGR, my motivation to get back first is to spend the least time possible away from my family and friends.

I got my boat at a fraction of the cost anyone has spent in the GGR, my mast is 1/4th the price of any mast in the GGR and its brand new and I have friends coming to my boat every day to help out in getting the boat ready. My boat yard waived off any fees that came with the overstay because I was working on the boat. I am working with a great team for filming the entire journey and I now am a member of a very welcoming yacht club. How could I not have a successful campaign?

To sum it up I have a very simple message-

Ignore the social media illusion, know yourself and focus on your strengths and exercise gratitude for what you have.

Like me- stay away from instant coffee and instant gratification, the fun is in the grind.

Don’t miss out on what you have today!

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  1. Good sentiments Gaurav and well written. But, I’m now FOMOing about your cheap boat, cheap mast, and a deck full of ninjas working on getting your boat ready! I’m yet to even see my boat due to the lockdown 🙁

    1. Shane, you have a great team and lots more experience than me. Like in the post, play to your strengths and you will be fine. Look forward to you getting on your boat.

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