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I will not just speak but inspire bravery, courage and action

“He looks pretty calm for a guy aspiring to sail around the world all by himself, doesn’t he? Gaurav Shinde mesmerized the audience with his tales of adventure. He was genuine, funny, relatable and fired up the imagination in us all.”
Kevin Bulmer
Momondays London

Why Invite Me?

I have an extraordinary ability to simplify my message and lay it bare for everyone in the audience to grasp the fundamental ideas that have set me on the path to my great adventures. This is the primary reason why I’m frequently called to share my no-nonsense stories with audiences like yours.

I’ll take you along with me on adventures that won’t just inspire you but also empower you with the essential tools you need to pursue your own dreams.

I come from an underpriviliged family in India. I chose the less-travelled road for someone like me and embarked on journeys that weren’t typically meant for people in my circumstances. After completing my education at the prestigious St. Xavier’s College, I found myself working at Google. Four years into my journey there, I made the bold decision to sail in the Clipper Round The World Yacht Race. When faced with challenges, I didn’t give up. I reached out to the top management for their support, and with their blessings, I became the first Indian to participate in that race.

I also became the first person in my family to study abroad, successfully completing my MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business. Along the way, I’ve conquered mountains in the Himalayas, trekked across frozen lakes, danced with the Hare Krishna community, and explored various countries.

My stories are filled with grit, guts, and glory, holding something special for everyone to uncover. Ready to delve deeper? Don’t hesitate to book a presentation with me today!