Last time I started looking for sponsorship things were a lot easier. I was the first Indian, I had news coverage, I was living in India and I was an Indian citizen.This time it is not as great a scenario! I am an Indian citizen who is a permanent resident of Canada. This really complicates who I will be sailing for? If I want to sail under the Canadian flag- I have no reputation in Canada. Hundreds of sailors in Canada have much bigger reputations and even more experience than I have. Some of them even have the boats for the race. But honestly, no one wants to take part in the Golden Globe Race. Definitely, no one I know of. Golden Globe needs a special kind of a person. This specialness varies from a Robin Knox Johnston, to a Bernard Moitessier to a Donald Crowhurst. Maybe thrown in a Chay Blyth in the midst. That aside, that does not really make my case attractive to a potential sponsor.Abhilash Tomy, first Indian to circumnavigate the globe non stop unassisted is struggling himself. He had a crowdfunding campaign which did not get to its goal. He has been supported by the Indian Navy, but he still needs a lot more. And he has had almost 1000x more exposure compared to me.Self-funding is out of the picture because its impossible for me to pay my MBA student loan and be saving enough for sailing at the same time. I was planning on buying a laser sailboat for this summer, but the costs of the boat($1,600), repairs($500), accessories($500), club membership($400) and boat storage($100) are extremely prohibitive. Haven’t even factored the costs of driving to the club, parking, tolls on the way, the entry fee for races and clothing for sailing in this climate which could easily by another $1,000.The loss of income for the two years of the campaign could itself go in $250,000 for me. Which could mean less money to send back home to my retired parents? I cannot possibly do that to them. Especially after I used up all their life savings for my MBA(Which when I look back wasn’t the best decisions of my life). If I knew the GGR was happening in 2018, I would have just gotten Malav Shroff to get me sponsorship and sailed this year alongside Abhilash. But I digress!Approximate Campaign Costs: 

  • Boat Purchase: C$40-50,000

  • Boat Refit: C$40-50,000

  • Circumnavigation costs: C$10,000

  • Living Expenses: C$3,000*24= C$72,000 a month(Lead up to the race and 6 months after the race)- I can lower this by just living on the boat.

  • Public Relations & Marketing: C$5,000

  • Entry Fees: C$33,000

  • Miscellaneous+Emergency Fund: C$30,000

  • Total approximate campaign costs: C$250,000/ INR 1,25,00,000

This is going to be a steep ask and I will have to generate enough ROI for sponsors around Canada and India to get interested in it.But the ROI for sponsorship is pretty good compared to most races that are sponsored by large companies like Volvo, Hugo Boss etc.The Golden Globe offers almost a year of global exposure, international brand marketing, unparalleled media exposure across all continents, corporate hospitality at the race start with some of the biggest names in sailing along with unlimited B2C, B2B, and B2G opportunities.Corporations and Businesses can highlight adventure, teamwork, challenge, success, survival against all odds, entrepreneurial spirit, sustainability, comradeship amongst competitors and achievement by sponsoring my campaign for the GGR2022.The start is at Les Sables-d’Olonne which has pretty much become the capital of sailing since the biggest races in modern sailing begin and finish there. This will give the sponsors tremendous visibility.And finally, imagine the stories that I will bring back and will be able to share with the teams of these corporations. With the extreme level of difficulty of sailing the Golden Globe, I am sure even governments will take notice. A new immigrant making Canada proud will be something the governments will like to highlight.So if you know anyone or any brand that might be interested, let them know about the wide range of exposure they stand to gain by sponsoring me and ask them to get in touch with me.

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