I just started watching Everest the movie on Netflix and got reminded of another dream I have always had is to circumnavigate solo on a yacht, climb Everest and circumnavigate solo in a plane.Its crazy to have dreams like that but I am slowly working towards them. It’s expensive no doubt. I hardly have many possessions or investments. I need to start doing more investments so that I have money to achieve these. Worst case, find some sponsors- Patrick please find my blog and find someone to fund me.When I think of how I get such wild ideas and the motivation to work towards them- I say, since childhood, my parents have been relentless in their pursuit to give me a great life. My father was ready to sell our house and live on rent for me to be able to sail the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. When we were short of money for the MBA, my mother sold her gold to pay the tuition. So these dreams are not mine only. These dreams belong to everyone in my family.Being from a lower caste and from a family which was never taught to dream, I feel very privileged that I am able to dream and then be able to pursue all these dreams. And now I am mostly going to delay a lot of my dreams so that I can channel most of my funds to send my parents traveling around the world.

Circumnavigation route by flying:


Sailing Circumnavigation route:




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