Thank you everyone for your emails, suggestions and comments. I wanted to follow up on the the reason for not deciding on the boat right away.


The primary reason for leaving the decision to buy the boat is that I want to see how the 2018 race competitors and boats fare in the southern ocean. Also, I want to check if they are actually competing well. The Eric will definitely be slower than some of the 36 ft boats which are much more sleeker designs. Since these boats will be much more slow moving compared the Volvo or Vendee boats- they will be more vulnerable to most weather that comes to them. I am guessing that we will have a sound understanding about which boats are faring better by the first third of the southern ocean.

We already had one competitor drop out of the 2018 race with an injury and the boat knocked down in heavy weather. Shane Freeman had started from Australia on my birthday in 2017 and was knocked down and had to abandon ship 300 miles from the Chilean coast, after he had already survived a malfunction of steering and his toilet. He was sailing a Tradewind 35. I don’t have much knowledge about his knockdown and will be seeking more information on why that was the case. This could also mean that Tradewind 35 could be off my list. But isn’t one incident too small a sample size to make a decision like this? Yes. So the Tradewind is still on the list. I am not going to take a call before the southern ocean of the 2018. And I hope Shane can make it to the start of the 2022 race.


This is why building is out of the picture. It will take up too much of my resources and time. I will require a builder and also continue to build in the winter in Ontario. Which will literally be impossible for me to do.


Surviving is primary, but winning is important when you have sponsor. Which means we will need faster boats. The Rustler & Biscay boats look like the fastest of the lot. But smaller boats can beat them too- if they are sailed really well.

Again building a boat which might turn out to be the fastest might encompass a large investment which I am not ready to make. If I had a million dollars I would have been participating in the Vendee Globe and not Golden Globe(Though I consider the difficulty level of the GGR to be higher and the entry barrier to be lower).

Availability & Costs

I am looking to cut costs. My choice of boat is also going to be affected by the fact that I am going to buy a used boat available in the great lakes area or max go south till Florida. Most Rustler and Biscay boats in my budget are mostly available exclusively in Europe. That means moving to Europe and setting up base there. No chance that is happening. I plan to work till 6-8 months before the race so that I have significant monetary reserves in case I don’t find enough sponsors.

The Cabo Rico 34 on the market fits all the above perfectly but then right now I am struggling to make my student loan payments. Hopefully I will be in a better position by the end of the year.

Building the boat might increase the price by over C$300,000 and I don’t think I am ready to spend so much at all.

*** There are more technical elements involved in the decision and I am going to avoid commenting on them right now because then the posts will take a weekend to type. I will explain in detail about S/L ratios, immersion rates, displacement, weight management and load carrying ability of the boats as I get closer to a shortlist of boats.

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