Good Hope

Tashing Flying Dutchman 35 #42

Good Hope

My Trusted Companion

Named after the Cape of Good Hope, this Baba 35 has many things going for her, designed by the legendary Robert H. Perry she is in brilliant shape, and passed most of the survey with flying colours.

The story as told to me by Todd is that, he lured Judith to his boat with promises of safety and movies when his boat was the safest boat in the harbour during hurricane Sandy and the rest as they were history. Juddith says she was doing up some strip painting work on the boat the day of her wedding. Todd has lived on the boat since 2007 and they know the previous owners too they are excited that Good Hope will go racing in the Golden Globe Race.

Good Hope also has a lucky mascot: Froggy- he is a South Asian frog god who has lived on the boat since he came on the boat.

Flag: Canada

1980 TaShing Flying Dutchman 35

Year Built: 1980

Hull Number: 42

Designer: Robert H. Perry

LOD: 34′ 10.5″
LWL: 29′ 7.5″
Beam: 11′ 2″
Draft: 5′ 6″
Displacement: 21,140 lbs.
Ballast: 8,000 lbs.
Sail Area: 758 sq. ft.

Engine HP: 37