I recently spoke to Pecha Kucha London Ontario and gave a talk about my sailing experience and why I say ‘Memories Are Greater Than Dreams’I wanted to elaborate more on the topic in this post. Not all of us are Michael Phelps or Elon Musk. Most of us will never make it big. Most of us will never have unicorn startups for 20+ Olympic gold medals. For us to chase big dreams is almost impossible. Especially for someone like me who comes from not so well to do family from Mumbai. I never got the best education or facilities growing up. My decision making is not as evolved as many of my friends as they had mentors and parents who were interested in their lives, whereas my parents were busy providing for us. For me, it’s very simple- grab every opportunity that you get to get somewhere in life.For me, every small memory is a big deal. I am the first in my family to ever travel abroad, leave aside living abroad. It’s really a big deal.This is why I took the chance of taking part in the Clipper Round The World Yacht Race. However amateur it is, it makes sense. I have already sailed across oceans while many sailors in India never made it beyond sailing the nationals- some much more talented than I am. I am still dreaming of sailing the Golden Globe Race whereas many of those great sailors are fighting to keep jobs and struggling to get on the water once in a month.I am going to lay a platform for coming generations of my family and community to aim for. I want them to get on a fast track to greatness like their privileged friends.On a lighter note, I enjoyed speaking at Pecha Kucha for my second time. The crowd was more responsive than I expected. I did not get stuck anywhere and Ashish said he enjoyed it. There were two 3M’ers – Naila and Jenna were also in the crowd.Also, before Clipper Round The World I spoke at Pecha Kucha Hyderabad and I was looking for sponsors then and I made it. Hopefully, this will work and I will make it to the Golden Globe Race.

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