Join the adventure which delivers for its partners

Joining Gaurav’s solo circumnavigation campaign is an efficient way for a brand to convey a message of bravery and adventure.

Sailing is quite profitable when it comes to the money you invest and the returns in terms of the image and visibility of your brand as the numbers below will suggest. This is especially true of the Golden Globe Race which is the ultimate test as it is the longest and hardest sporting event in history.

The Goal

Partner with this extraordinary voyage and determined athlete to showcase your brands values of commitment, adventure, innovation that make your business, your employees and your community thrive.



  • With the Golden Globe Race lasting more than 200 days and more than 2 year lead up to the event, enjoy more value from your investment in any other sports property a similar reach and value.

Exclusive Events

  • Invite Gaurav to share stories of his adventures at your company or PR events

Exclusive Access 

  • Take your customers and management sailing on Good Hope in Toronto, UK & France

  • Rights to use photos and videos of this extraordinary voyage for your marketing 

Exclusive Giving

  • Nominate the charity of your choice to associate with the campaign and donate a talk from Gaurav 

  • Nominate a school or youth group to visit Gaurav’s boat Good Hope and have Gaurav inspire the next generation

Partnership Levels

Title Gold Silver Equipment
Sponsorship Duration 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
Team Naming Rights
Boat Naming Rights
Signage On The Boat
Prominent Logo
Logo on Main Sail
Personalised Spinnaker
Logo on the Transom
Logo on team clothing
Logo on side of the hull
Employee Messages on Race Stay Sail
Media Visibility
Logo on Website
Logo on Social Media
Logo in Press Releases
Mention in YouTube Web Series
Foreword by CEO for Gaurav’s book
Use Of Content
All Photo & Text Updates
Use of Stock Photos & Videos
Use of Campaign on Merchandise
Public & Employee Relations
Exclusive Sailing Sessions Toronto 8 4 2 0
Exclusive Sailing Sessions (UK) ▬ July 2022 1 0 0 0
Sailing Days (France) ▬ August 2022 1 0 0 0
Motivational Talks (Before the Race) 2 1 0 0
Motivational Talks (After the Race) 2 1 1 1
Dedicated Space at Promotional Events
VIP Invitation to Start & Finish (France)
Fundraising for Charity of Choice
Employee Team building racing Toronto 3 2 1 0
SOURCE: Sources

Please Note: Partnership levels are fully customize-able, so please reach out to Gaurav directly for a custom package for your needs.