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Good Hope’s Wish List

Please check out the list of items needed to get to the start line. If you have them, please reach out and we can figure out a way to get the items to the boat. If you want to purchase them for me, you can reach out to me for the mailing address. If you want to donate equivalent money for the item, please use the donate link below via WindAthletes, which will give you a tax receipt for all Canadian donations

HF Radio

Single Side Band Radio helps with communication with other vessels at sea beyond visual range. This will be an essential piece of equipment for Gaurav to stay in touch with other competitors and the outside world.

Has to have at least 125W output power

Preferred Brands: iCom & Matsutec

Handheld Aviation Frequency Transceiver

For communicating with aircraft if required

Preferred Brands: iCom

AIS Transponder

AIS information supplements marine radar, which continues to be the primary method of collision avoidance for water transport

Preferred Brands: Emtrak, Digital Yacht, Raymarine

Echomax Active-XS RTE Transponder

The Active-XS amplifies and returns a stronger signal and these high responses to both X or S Band Radar increase the likelihood of improving your vessels radar cross section and helps to alert oncoming vessels of your position and detection especially in poor conditions and thereby reduces the risk of collision.


Echomax EM 230BR Radar Reflector

Radar reflectors are metallic devices that help small boats show up on the radar screens of larger boats.


Echomax EM230i inflatable radar reflector


Cold Water Immersion Survival Suit

SOLAS/LSA requires cold water immersion suits to meet numerous minimum requirements for safety and performance including: No more than two-minute donning time; Impact protection up to 4.5 meters; Hypothermia protection up to six hours


Head Sail & Stay Sail Rolling Furler

For single-handed sailors, headsail control can usually be accomplished from the cockpit. Eliminates the need to lower and remove the jib after each voyage. The sail remains raised and ready for use.

Preferred brands: Harken, Selden, Schaefer

Spinnaker Pole X 2

A spinnaker pole is a spar used in sailboats to help support and control a variety of headsails, particularly the spinnaker. However, it is also used with other sails, such as genoas and jibs, when sailing downwind with no spinnaker hoisted.

Length Needed: 18ft

Preferred Supplier: Klacko Spars

Rope Clutches

a rope clutch allows easy trimming and adjustment (lines can be pulled in with the clutch closed) and, in an emergency, a fully loaded line can be quickly released without the need for a winch

Preferred Brands: Lewmar, Spinlock, Ronstan

7/16” X 10

3/18” X 6

Feathering Propellor

A Feathering Propellor will reduce drag and add 0.5-0.8 knots of speed to Good Hope’s sailing speed.

Preferred Brands: Max Prop, Vari Prop, EWOL, KIWI Prop

Nautical Paper Charts

  1. 4000 The World 1 : 45000000

  2. 30 Plymouth Sound and Approaches 1 : 12500

  3. 1267 Falmouth to Plymouth 1 : 750000

  4. 154 Approaches to Falmouth 1 : 35000

  5. 2655 English Channel – Western Entrance 1 : 325000

  6. 20 Ile d’Ouessant to Pointe de la Coubre 1 : 500000

  7. 3638 Les Sables-D’Olonne 1 : 10000

  8. 1104 Bay of Biscay 1 : 1000000

  9. 4103 English Channel Strait of Gibraltar 1 : 3500000

  10. 4104 Lisboa to Freetown 1 : 3500000

  11. 3133 Casablanca to Islas Canarias 1 : 1250000

  12. 4014 North Atlantic Ocean – Eastern 1:10M

  13. 1862 Lanzarote to Cabo Bojador 1:350000

  14. 1863 Puerto De Los Marmoles to Puerto del Rosario 1:60000

  15. 4022 South America to Africa 1:10M

  16. 578 Cape Columbine to Cape Seal 1 : 1000000

  17. 2095 Cape S. Blaize to Port S. John’s 1 : 1000000

  18. 4070 Indian Ocean – Southern 1:10M

  19. 4060 Australasia and Adjacent Waters 1:10M

  20. AUS794 Tasmania – South West Cape to South East Cape 1 : 150000

  21. AUS795 Tasmania South Cape to Storm Bay 1 : 150000

  22. AUS796 Tasman Hd to C Frederick Hendrick 1 : 150000

  23. AUS172 Tasmania – Port of Hobart 1 : 10000

  24. AUS171 Hobart to Norfolk Bay 1 : 50000

  25. AUS173 D’Entrecasteaux Channel 1 : 75000

  26. 4601 South Pacific Ocean – Tasman Sea 1 : 3500000

  27. NZ 76 Western Apprs to Foveaux Strait 1 : 300000

  28. NZ 68 Nugget Point to Raratoka Island 1 : 200000

  29. NZ 4648 New Zealand – South Island 1 : 500000

  30. 4061 South Pacific Ocean – Western 1:10M

  31. 4062 South Pacific Ocean – Eastern 1:10M

  32. 4212 Drake Passage 1 : 350000

  33. 2512 The Falkland Islands 1 : 400000

  34. 2507 Pebble Island to Port Fitzroy 1 : 150000

  35. 4020 South Atlantic Ocean – Western 1 : 10000000

Double Braid Polyester

7/16” – 1000 ft- Used for the Main halyard, headsail halyard, Spinnaker Halyard, Main Sheet, Jib Sheets

3/8”- 250ft – Used for Reefing lines and Spinnaker sheets

FireFly Carbon Foam AGM batteries X 4

AGM or Absorbent Glass Mat is an advanced lead-acid battery that provides superior power to support the higher electrical demands of the high seas

Composting Toilet

In order to avoid dumping my waste in the sea, I want to install a composting toilet on the boat.

Preferred Brands: AirHead, Nature’s Head